Downloadable Materials

Presentations from 2015 Camp Sunshine

Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation Brochure
International Clinical Care Consensus Document
How I treat Diamond-Blackfan anemia by Adrianna Vlachos and Ellen Muir

Printable DBA Educational Materials prepared by the CDC:

DBA Brochure
Blood Transfusion Therapy
Congenital Anomalies in DBA
DBA, Genetics, and You
DBA Siblings
Stem Cell Transplant

DBA Care Notebook:

Contact Information for the DBA Medical Team
DBA Doctors/Providers Fact Sheet
Doctor Visits and Hospitalizations
Growth Chart for Girls – Birth to 36 Months
Growth Chart for Girls – 2 to 20 Years
Growth Chart for Boys – Birth to 36 Months
Growth Chart for Boys – 2 to 20 Years
Medication Log Sheet
Laboratory Testing
Transfusion Log Sheet
Vaccination Log
Notes Pages
Binder Cover

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