The Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation (DBAF) would like to announce the addition of Anthony Marchese to the Board of Directors.

Anthony brings to the Board a wealth of professional experience, as well as the passion of a father dedicated to bettering the health and well-being of his child… and yours. We are excited to capitalize on Anthony’s unique skills to help us further our mission of advancing research initiatives that promote a better understanding, therapeutic strategies and a cure for Diamond Blackfan Anemia.

Anthony commented on what he most looks forward to as a DBAF board member,

“Virtually all of the money raised by the Foundation is from grassroots fundraising activities and generous donations from families and friends of those affected by DBA. As we learned from our recent success with the Chase Community Giving Program there are numerous opportunities to leverage our family fundraising efforts through grants to the DBA Foundation from philanthropic organizations and other funding entities. Most of these opportunities will require the DBA Foundation to submit detailed grant proposals. Fortunately, this is what I do for a living and it will be an honor and privilege for me to bring that expertise to the board.”

With the DBAF’s recently assumed responsibilities of representing DBA at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting, and coordinating the biannual International Consensus Conference (ICC), Anthony’s experience in conference organization and grant writing will be an invaluable asset.

We warmly welcome Anthony to the Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation’s Board of Directors and look forward to working together to serve our common goals. With Anthony’s help, we will continue to provide patient advocacy, support and education services to individuals, families and medical professionals resulting in improvements in the diagnosis, clinical treatment and management of the disorder, while enhancing the quality of life of affected families worldwide. Thank you, Anthony, for your willingness to share your time and talents!

Editor’s note: It is important to understand that the award rate on the type of grants that Anthony has experience with is only 10%, therefore we must accept that the primary responsibility of fundraising will remain with our families. We thank YOU, the very families that believe in, and are relying on, the work of the DBAF, for continuing to support our shared mission!!