Date Funded: 12/08

Dr. David Bodine with the National Human Genome Institute at the NIH was awarded a grant for the project “Development and Characterization of mouse models for Diamond Blackfan Anemia”. The aims of this project are to optimize and complete characterization of conditional RPS19R62W transgenic mice; to systematically study changes in gene expression in cells expressing the mutant Rps19 protein; and to create other mouse models of DBA by performing similar types of experiments with newly identified DBA genes.

Date Funded: 11/08

Dr. Steve Ellis, PhD, Louisville, Kentucky, was awarded a grant to continue the responsibilities of Research Director. In addition to these responsibilities, the grant will cover expenses for related DBA research.

Date Funded: 9/08

The DBAF co-sponsored the 8th International Conference on Ribosome Synthesis. This meeting brings together investigators from all over the world to focus on issues related to ribosome synthesis.

Date Funded: 08/08

Colin Sieff, MD of Children’s Hospital of Boston, Boston, MA was awarded a grant for the second year on this project titled “Pathogenesis of Erythroid Failure in DBA.” This project aims to study why erythropoiesis is so severely affected in DBA by studying the effect of reducing (“knock down”) RPS 19 in primary normal mouse fetal liver cells, the major site of red cell production during fetal development, and by making a mouse in which RPS 19 can be depleted at different stages of development or in different cell lineages (a conditional knockout mouse).

Date Funded: 3/08

The DBAF co-sponsored the Ninth Annual Diamond Blackfan Anemia International Consensus Conference sponsored and organized by the Daniella Maria Arturi Foundation.