Date Funded: 11/05

A grant was given to Hanna Gazda, MD, PhD, of Children’s Hospital of Boston, Boston, MA, for her second year on the project “Genetics and Biology of DBA”.

Date Funded: 9/05

Steve Ellis, PhD, of the University of Louisville, Kentucky was awarded a grant to continue the responsibilities of Research Director. In addition to these responsibilities, the grant will cover expenses for related DBA research.

Date Funded: 9/05

Kathleen Miho Sakamoto, MD, PhD. of UCLA School of Medicine (at present Division of Biology, California Institute of Technology) was awarded a grant for her project entitled “Developing a Zebrafish Model of Diamond Blackfan Anemia”. This project outlines plans to develop a zebrafish models for DBA. The goal is to use these models to more fully understand the pathogenesis of DBA, in particular to invesigate the possibility that RPS19 is involved in extra-ribosomal processes.

Date Funded: 9/05

Dr. Sarah Ball of St. George’s Hospital Medical School in London, England was the recipient of a grant for the second year of her project titled “Enhancement of Steroid Response in DBA: Application of an in vitro two-phase erythroid culture model”.

Date Funded: 8/05

The DBAF was a Silver Sponsor of the BioIron 2005 World Congress on Iron Metabolism held in Prague, Czech Republic.

Date Funded: 3/05

The DBAF co-sponsored the Sixth Annual Diamond Blackfan Anemia International Consensus Conference sponsored and organized by the Daniella Maria Arturi Foundation.