Get Involved – It’s YOUR Newsletter!

In the name of motherhood and as a member of the DBAF Board, I have taken on the position as head of the DBA Newsletter! The DBAF will begin publishing a semi-annual newsletter that will focus on our mission to educate, inform, empower, support and connect the entire DBA community. The DBAF Board has put a lot of thought into this new endeavor, however, we need your input. Like the DBAF website, the DBA Facebook Page and the Yahoo support group, in order for this newsletter to become a valuable resource to the greater DBA family, we need your active participation. I, or another member of the Board, may contact you to describe your recent fundraising efforts or to inquire about your willingness to share details regarding your specific experience with DBA. I urge you to contact me with a question for the “Ask a Nurse” section, to nominate a family member to be spotlighted for the next issue’s “Family Feature”, to submit artwork or a photograph for the “Creative Corner” or to announce a birth, marriage, celebration, etc. in the “Kudos” section. This is YOUR newsletter and we need YOU to keep it relevant. I welcome your advice and/or criticism or if you would like to see something specific examined in a future newsletter, please send your submissions to or

Jacy Downey

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