DBAF is a proud co-sponsor of a Ribosome Synthesis Meeting held tri-annually. This meeting is International and brings together investigators from all over the world to focus on issues related to ribosome synthesis. The meeting alternates every third year between the US and Europe. The meeting in August 2009 will be held in Germany. In 2009, as was the case in 2006, there will be a session devoted to ribosome synthesis and disease where DBA figures prominently. There are so many important connections now being made between defects in ribosome synthesis and triggers of cell death and these connections provide new opportunities for drug development. Moreover, these are central pathways within cells that are being studied just as intensely by investigators in other fields. Therefore, the next big development in understanding DBA can come from virtually anywhere. To see an acknowledgment of the Foundation’s support for this upcoming meeting follow the link below and scroll down: http://cwp.embo.org/cfs09-09/index.html